Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let go of the Fear LIVE LIFE NOW

The new moon on 21st April will be in Taurus time to manifest the happiness you wish for in your life, be it at home, at work or at play. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and make it happen.
How can you do this though if you are living your life trapped by fear? So many people live life with this in their head “What if?” and it is usually followed by a negative word like....

What if I fail?
What if no one likes it?
What if I am no good?
What if ................?

You get the picture; these statements hold you back so what about these ones?

What if it works?
What if I am good enough?
What if I succeed?
What if I am happy?

Some of these statements will create as much fear as the negative ones and why is that? Because fear works like this; you are too scared to try because you think you are not good enough or you are too scared to try because if you are good enough what happens then. The Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success!

So now it’s time to let go of these fears, you have one life, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it and the only person who can make it the life you want it to be is you! Sure you may fall a few times but is falling down and getting back up really that bad? Personal I have no desire to reach the end of my life and look back with regret for what could have been, so let me fall; let me scrap a knee here and there I will have lived!

Only you can release your fear, it is up to you when you will do it however now seem like as good a time as any. What are you waiting for?

Spend some quiet time, mediating, walking, painting, writing, gardening, whatever takes you to place of quietness in your mind, as you do this simply say “I am free from fear, I have let go.” Repeat this each time a fear pops up, release it and own your freedom, feel in your heart how light it is without fear residing there. 

Now once you have released these fears dream without limitation of the happiness, joyful and abundant life you wish to create. When the new moon comes on April 21st release these desires to the universe and be prepared to take action on them, dont hold back go for it!

You get one shot at this life, live without fear, love with passion, give without reward and most of all be your true authentic self! Live the life of your dreams.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don’t let the label define you

So let me ask you are you the nerd, the popularity queen/king, the shy one, the depressed, the forgetful or just plain ordinary? You know the list goes on for how we label ourselves and those around us, some labels we wear with pride, others weigh us down all our life, all labels pigeon hole us and we let them define us why?

So many times I hear “I am no good at ....”, “I can never be that....”, “I can’t because .......” and you the reason I hear behind all these negative thoughts, it’s because of the label the person has been given; “I am clumsy”, “I am not pretty enough”, “I am meant to be something better.”

Labels are our way of making people fit into where we think they should fit; it is not what they have chosen for themselves. As this label is given to us by others why do we allow it to define our lives? Well mainly because we simply get told it often enough that we believe it, especially if that label has been given to us a child.

However we have the free will to define our own lives. Our lives are not defined by the labels that someone gives to us, be it given by parent, friend, teacher, doctor, society etc; it is our ACTIONS that define us. Our actions is our soul speaking, our actions are the mark we leave on this world they speak louder than our words. They break us free of the labels we are given.

Don’t let the label define you...... you owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be, don’t let the label hold you back.

There is no one more beautiful inside than you. You can be, achieve anything you want in this life.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tested and Testing

Ever had one of those days, weeks, months when you are being tested? No matter which way you turn it seems that there is a test, your patience being pushed to the limits and for the love of god or money cannot see an answer, and even they faintest ideas seems to be just piece from another jigsaw puzzle destined never to fit?

Well that has been my life since the start of the year, and the tests certainly started late last year. The events of late last year pushed me to make a choice to step back from what I was doing, allowing me to look at all different views; to try and see the bigger picture, stepping back to see where the piece of the puzzle fitted and becoming annoyed when it was not clear.

Stumbling and fumbling along a path that held no direction at all was seriously doing my head in. Try as I might, pretending to be happy with where I stood now in my life was just a lie that I could no longer maintain.
Awoken to my discontent by the most innocent of visit to a place of spiritualty I spent several restless nights seething at what was wrong, all the while being tested by the connection I value the most, that to the divine, to spirit. 

As spirit tested my resolve and pushed me into areas I was not looking at exploring. After all I was taking a well earned break, yet truth be told I had probably overstayed that holiday time; I decided enough was enough test me and I will test you back!

POW! They showed me. We all look for the WOW moment in our life, that road sign that that tells you clearly where to go, slaps you in the face and amazes you all at the same time. I got it! I am thankful for it! Some signs are subtle and we miss them for me however it was the same sign over and over again, yet spiritual as I may be my mind is also logical so I tend to not accept things as being random too often. So the phone calls, the feathers I was left were no were near enough for me. No I needed it slap me in the face and I guess the bird flying into my windscreen as soon as I tell spirit off  was close enough, nope I still wanted more; so the Crow that sat outside my office most of the day his eyes piercing mine as I watched him from the window finally made me accept. 

Accept what you may say? Accept not to give up see I had seriously considered that thought of throwing away my passion and resigning myself to just having to work with no meaning behind it. My motto in life is do what makes your heart sing, this is no dress rehearsal don’t waste it, that’s what I was about to do waste it!
Not anymore, now with passion and fire burning stronger than ever my heart is singing once again. Do I know which way this path will take me NO! And more importantly I don’t need to because whichever way it leads it will be the right path  I am following my heart no matter where it takes me, some call it blind faith I preferred to call it Inner Knowing.

We all get tested, we all fall down, we all stumble and sometimes we don’t have any idea why? For me it was so I could rest, so I could slow down and know that I don’t have to be a power house who never rest, there is more to life than that. Your test will reveal your own lessons and ones that you need no matter how much you don’t like them at the time. Don’t be afraid to test back and ask to be shown, while Inner Knowing 'blind faith' is often called upon sometimes you just need that reassurance that is ok even if you don’t get the answer with it.

Let the Test show you not scare you 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Letting go, allowing for new

So I have been feeling for some time that I need to release and let go, of what I was not sure and was perhaps even too scared to question. Yet the pull to free myself had become too strong; so over the last weekend I explored long and hard what I needed to release and what needed to go.

My passion has always been my connection with spirit and helping others live their passion, so to find that my pull was to step back from this was indeed to say the least scary! Yet as most people know you cannot grow unless you are prepared to; some times that means facing your fears and being brave enough to do it anyway. So today I made the choice to let go of my teaching classes, not forever but for at least 6 months I will not hold any meditation or development classes. It also means that I will not hold any readings over this time.................. that scares me no end, again I know that there is a great learning to come from this.

So what will I do if I don't do these things, well for one I will do the things that are still dear to me and this year more important than ever,is to firstly to be a mum, as my youngest goes to school I will be there for him as he makes this transition. I will also continue to do my normal 9-5 job (it pays the bills!) and I will spend time with me, reading, writing, allowing my creative soul to expand and capture the pictures that dance in my head placing them on canvas. I will also continue to expand my meditations and create more cd's.

I find that as I have made this choice my mind now feels like it is clear, I feel free to explore all that life has to offer, I feel free to just sit down and read a book. I feel free to allow my thirst for learning to thrive and by being free I feel I will find a better me........................... So I let go and I allow for the new.

May you all allow for release so that you may grow into who you are meant to be.

Blessed be