Monday, January 30, 2012

Letting go, allowing for new

So I have been feeling for some time that I need to release and let go, of what I was not sure and was perhaps even too scared to question. Yet the pull to free myself had become too strong; so over the last weekend I explored long and hard what I needed to release and what needed to go.

My passion has always been my connection with spirit and helping others live their passion, so to find that my pull was to step back from this was indeed to say the least scary! Yet as most people know you cannot grow unless you are prepared to; some times that means facing your fears and being brave enough to do it anyway. So today I made the choice to let go of my teaching classes, not forever but for at least 6 months I will not hold any meditation or development classes. It also means that I will not hold any readings over this time.................. that scares me no end, again I know that there is a great learning to come from this.

So what will I do if I don't do these things, well for one I will do the things that are still dear to me and this year more important than ever,is to firstly to be a mum, as my youngest goes to school I will be there for him as he makes this transition. I will also continue to do my normal 9-5 job (it pays the bills!) and I will spend time with me, reading, writing, allowing my creative soul to expand and capture the pictures that dance in my head placing them on canvas. I will also continue to expand my meditations and create more cd's.

I find that as I have made this choice my mind now feels like it is clear, I feel free to explore all that life has to offer, I feel free to just sit down and read a book. I feel free to allow my thirst for learning to thrive and by being free I feel I will find a better me........................... So I let go and I allow for the new.

May you all allow for release so that you may grow into who you are meant to be.

Blessed be

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucky Friday 13th

Friday the 13th is lucky! Yes that is right its lucky, and for me this day holds a special place in my heart. Today officially one chapter has ended and a new lease on life has begun.

No more worrying about what could have been, now its up to me to create what will be. No more worry about what people may think, now its up to me to believe in me. No more feeling like I can not achieve and now I know that I am able to achieve all that I want and more. For me today really does mark the beginning of the next chapter and I am truly excited about what it holds. All of the heart ache of the last few years has finally be released and I am free from its burden. 

So for me today is lucky, 13 has always been a number I have been drawn to since I was a little girl and all the hype and superstition that comes in with it being Friday the 13th to me is more about the thoughts that you put out to the universe. If you believe that bad things will happen on this day then more than likely you will manifest them.

For me I have never been afraid to walk under a ladder, I own a black cat and love the number 13 so positivity is all that I put to this number and Friday has got to be one the best days of the week, work is over and the weekend of play and rest is about to begin.

So let this be a lucky day for you as well. Get out there and create some luck, live your life with out regret. Take charge right now and make it the life of your dreams, change your thoughts from unlucky to LUCKY!

Try it because what if you make a wonderful new life, what if you make a wonderful choice today that sets you on a course of happiness.....what if you can achieve all that you have ever wished for..............imagine... brings a smile to your face doesn't it.

Happy Friday 13th may it be full of magic for you all.