Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is the lesson really the way you are seeing it?

Throughout our lives we all receive lessons, some big, some small; each lesson helps to shape us to be the person we are and who we will become in our future. Seems tho that some of us are spending a lot of time seeing the same lesson, why?

There are a few reasons here:
  • Firstly some of us choose simply not to see the lesson at all, we simply ensure that we walk with blinkers and do not see the learning that is needed from the big falls, the small knocks and gentle nudges we receive. We choose instead to live a life that has no want for learning, so the lessons become bigger and still we choose ignorant bliss putting it down to “shit happens” and thoughts of “that’s life”.
  •  Others may see the lesson, and then quickly lay blame on timing, circumstance or someone else for it. They choose not to see that everyone has learning from lessons. Every heard someone say this “it’s not my fault things go wrong”.  Some even think that they are their purely there to teach others the lesson, after it was never about them to begin with …..right?
  •  While others still are blinded to their learning because they are choosing not to see the true lesson, sure they focus on the fact that there is learning in this for themselves but they misread the signs, they stand there reading into the lesson what they think they need to learn and miss the whole point completely.
So how do we reveal what we really need to know and learn; firstly know this, that everyone has lessons to learn in this life, even the most enlighten person is still learning, our learning does not stop simply because we think we have done enough work on it. Each and every day you have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, new understanding and experience new things that can change the way you perceive your world.

Secondly take into account that we all learn from each other, from our words, our actions, our reactions and our interactions. The greatest hurt against you is a lesson for all people involved, even the one causing the hurt. 

Thirdly when the lesson keeps repeating you are missing the real message.

And finally check in with your ego, it’s a great tool for misreading, disregarding and having apathy towards our lessons in life.

What each person lesson is will be unique to them but make no mistake there are lessons for all of us in life, the choice is yours to learn and grow from them or to revisit them time and time again. 

Tools for unlocking the messages in our lessons

  • Journal – what happened, look for common themes, what did I learn? What am I still doing the same?
  •  Meditate - ask your higher self for guidance.
  • Forgive yourself - if you find the same lesson happening, forgive yourself instead of beating yourself up about it.
  • Stop blaming everyone else - take responsibility for your words, reactions and interactions with others.
  • Remove ego – don’t assume you already have the answers.

You cannot gain an answer unless you ask the question
“What do I need to learn from this?”
What you do with that information is then up to you.