Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to see through the Chaos

So the phone is ringing, the kids are screaming at each other, the clothes need putting away, pay the bills and what am I going to cook for dinner.... sound like anyone's day so far???

Amongst all of this chaos there is still beauty if you learn to see through it. Far to often we become immersed in the chaos that life can throw at us rather than the beauty that it has within it each and every day. We allow the little things to become big things, the big stress we already have then becomes mountains which we have no idea how to move pass or over. This becomes a cycle that seems to never end leaving us depleted of energy, frustrated and for some depressed.

So how do we see past all of this, we will still have to cook dinner, pay bills, clean house, care for our children and even hold down a full time job. We cannot just throw our hands in the air and say enough and walk away, we need to learn how to see the beauty again. We need to learn to de-stress in this chaotic world.

Listed below are my top tips to move past chaos and stress
  •  Get up and move. Walk, dance, or exercise; allow you heart rate to increase and get oxygen pumping around the body.
  • See the beauty in something small, a child's smile, a song, a flower, etc.
  •  Be around great friends, laugh with them, cry with them, lean on them.
  • Help someone else, take your mind of you and help another.
  • Meditate, learn the art of meditation and deep breathing, you cannot panic while deep breathing!
  • Eat healthy, eating the  foods that nourish your body, these foods don’t make you feel guilty afterwards.
  • Learn to say no, set boundaries, sometimes the best thing we do in life is to say no.
  • Take time for yourself, be positive in your thoughts, soak in a bath, or get a massage.
  •  Clean the house get organises, clutter creates stale energy, clear it out.
  •  Get an attitude of gratitude, be thankful for all that you have, be thankful for your life.
  • Smell the rose get out in fresh air, get out in the garden fresh air helps to clear the mind.

In the chaos of life remember to see beauty in just the smallest of things

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So what is stopping you ????

Are you the real you the one that you are meant to be? Or are you, the you that society has conditioned you to be? Who is the real you, have you even meet yourself or are you hidden so deep inside that you haven’t seen day light for since you cant remember when?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved the you that was looking back? Did your eyes smile like that they are meant to do? Did your heart singing knowing that you are the best you that you can be. Are you true to yourself and can you look inside and say with I am in love with me!

The spiritual journey is one of self discovery; we embrace our true being and allow it to shine. When we are willing to take a look at who we are from every angle and willing to let go of the baggage we carry then love will emulate from us. People will be drawn to you because of who you are and the truth that you show. 

So what is stopping you? For most people what stops them is fear and its can be fear of the unknown or fear of being treated a certain way. Almost everyone has had some form of negative reaction when they have shown their true self; however have you ever stopped to question if that reaction is just because the other person is sitting in their own fear?

While stepping into our true self can be a daunting experience it really is a liberating and brings with it much joy and freedom. Nobody says that this process needs to happen in one quick change, it may take months or longer for you to remove the layers of fear and baggage that you have collected over the years. To remove the thought patterns and habits you have become accustom too. The first step is to acknowledge that there is change to be made.  

Take the time to see all of your layers, what has made and shaped you over the years, see which layers are apart of you and which layers have been given to you by other people. What parts of you serve you well, and what is holding you back? A great way to do this is by meditating, allow you mind to be quiet and ask what needs to be released, what change is required to find my the real you.

Next acknowledge that there may be resistance to your change, accept that sometimes when we grow it sparks fear in others and yourself, be ok with slipping back into old patterns every now and then, its just a reminder to you to work on letting go of that thought pattern or habit. When we grow some of the people we currently have in our lives may seem to drift away and that is ok as well, they have their own journey to follow as well. 

Allow yourself to laugh and cry along the way. Finding the real you, allowing your ture self to shine is a journey. Sometimes that journey may be tough and challenging, sometimes what we let go of is easy and we wonder why we didn't do it sooner. Most importantly reward yourself along the way, you deserve it for being the real you, the one you are meant to be.