Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 moving into creativity

Welcome to 2011, I know I am a little late however I have been enjoying relaxing and spend time with family and friends. A magickal time of rejuvenation, before I begin to run with the creativity of the year.

So how has 2011 been for you so far? I have spoken to a lot of friends over the last week and seems to be that some are just itching to get stuck in creating a magickal year, while others are saying "no not more of 2010" and I can see how some of them still have the energy of 2010 around them. If you are feeling this way I would ask that you have a deeper look at what is keeping you in that energy, what is holding you there? So many people were wishing 2010 away that perhaps they have not dealt with what 2010 had to offer. Maybe it is that you need to accept what is and move forward, steeping out of old energy will allow for new energy to flow towards you. Please note by accepting what is I am not saying that you have to like it, some lessons are not to our liking, they are to teach us acceptance.

For some of you perhaps you are yet to see the path you wish to take in 2011, are you struggling with finding what is right for you and therefor just feeling frustrated and irritated by the lack of direction, perhaps to many directions to chose from. Sit for a moment, centre yourself, write what you truly desire, what truly lies in your heart, now write the action steps that you need to take to make this your reality. 2011 is a brilliant time for you to create from the passion that lies within. 

And then we have those just ready to get stuck in, ready to let the creativity take them to places they have seen in their dreams, bringing them into reality this year. For each of you I suggest that you take a moment, centre and write it all out, along with the steps that need to be taken. I had someone suggest this to me not that long ago, and I am truly thankful for the reminder that I needed to do this. Sometimes our passion is so much that we forget to lay down the strong foundation that is need, that we can come back to when we go off on a tangent, writing it down lays the begin of that foundation.

No matter where 2011 is going to take you, may your journey be full of magick, seek advice when you need it this year, live with passion in your heart, as it promises to bring great reward to those who do.

Blessings to you all