Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don’t let the label define you

So let me ask you are you the nerd, the popularity queen/king, the shy one, the depressed, the forgetful or just plain ordinary? You know the list goes on for how we label ourselves and those around us, some labels we wear with pride, others weigh us down all our life, all labels pigeon hole us and we let them define us why?

So many times I hear “I am no good at ....”, “I can never be that....”, “I can’t because .......” and you the reason I hear behind all these negative thoughts, it’s because of the label the person has been given; “I am clumsy”, “I am not pretty enough”, “I am meant to be something better.”

Labels are our way of making people fit into where we think they should fit; it is not what they have chosen for themselves. As this label is given to us by others why do we allow it to define our lives? Well mainly because we simply get told it often enough that we believe it, especially if that label has been given to us a child.

However we have the free will to define our own lives. Our lives are not defined by the labels that someone gives to us, be it given by parent, friend, teacher, doctor, society etc; it is our ACTIONS that define us. Our actions is our soul speaking, our actions are the mark we leave on this world they speak louder than our words. They break us free of the labels we are given.

Don’t let the label define you...... you owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be, don’t let the label hold you back.

There is no one more beautiful inside than you. You can be, achieve anything you want in this life.

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