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I knew that heaven was here - Denise Linn interview

I recently had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to inspirational teacher, Feng Shui, & Reiki expert, Healing and Spiritual author Denise Linn.  Her career has span over four decades she has written 15 books which have been translated into 26 languages; including Sign Post, Past and Present Miracles, The Power of Dreams, Space Clearing and the award winning Scared Legacies and Soul Coaching.  She is one of the few people in the world to regress hundreds of people at once with her past life work.
Denise has taught in over 20 countries, sharing her knowledge of healing, forgiveness and spirituality. Her world renowned Soul Coaching course is taught on her Summerhill ranch located on the central coast of California that she shares with her husband and beautiful daughter Meadow, who is the inspirational chief at the Ranch, creating mouth-watering meals using produce grown on the ranch.
Talking to Denise is like talking to and old friend that you may not have seen for many years she has a wonderful warmth that welcomes you, a beautiful laughter that lights the room and she is so willing to share her amazing journey which in her teenage years nearly came to an tragic end.
Denise grew up in the Midwest of the United States; she is of Cherokee Native American heritage on her mother side and has gained much respect and teachings from other indigenous tribes around the world. Her life started out just like so many others and she was on her way to follow in the footsteps of her siblings in the study of Science when a near death incident changed the direction of her life forever.
Denise thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today I know that you have an amazingly busy schedule. Your life as I mentioned was not always on the path of spirituality how did you find who Denise was, the real you, the Denise Linn that you are today the one you were meant to be.
Denise: You know I think that is an ongoing process and I have had some experience along the way that have propelled me a little faster than is normal but I think that to understand who we are and we are here I don’t know that it’s a destination its more the pathway there. Every time I think “oh that it I know” then all of a sudden an experience blooms before me and the realisation that oh okay there is something else, and you know that’s the good thing , I think as long as you are on the planet that’s the process and you are evolving.
 The experience that propelled me the furthest on my spiritual path occurred when I was seventeen years old we lived in a small farming town in Ohio. I was riding my bike down a country road and what I did not realise was  that someone was following me in a car, someone I did not know. He suddenly hit the gas and rammed into my motor bike, I flew off it and skidded across the road, I was in shock I had not done anything to this person. I couldn’t fathom how someone could do that , I lay on the side of the road and watched as he turned his car around and I though okay he is coming back to help me. Instead of helping me he rolled down the window and pulled out a gun and I can remember looking at that gun, in those days people just didn’t shoot each other, suddenly there was this load noise and I felt like I had been hit by a train and he shot me, a few more things happened and then he left me for dead.
Eventually I was found and taken to the emergency ward of a hospital where I can remember the intensity of the lights, the sound and the pain, and then suddenly it was as if everything got dark, the pain went away and there was this wonderful soft blackness that seemed to me like I was in a bubble. Then the bubble burst and everything was this beautiful golden light, and even tho I am Native American on my mother side, I was not raised with that spirituality or the understanding of it so I had no awareness of what was happening to me. I was just in this most beautiful amazing place that seemed so familiar, I knew that I had been there before it was so real that my life seemed like a dream and the place of golden light and beautiful love that was the true reality. I was so happy I was home, there was this river of light and knew if I could get across that river I was home and I was never going to come back. Half way across that river I felt like I got roped, like in the rodeo. I now realize that that was astral cord and I was getting pulled back into my body and I heard this voice that said it is not your time, there are some things you need to do I wanted to stay but was pulled back.
The Doctors where surprised, there was a time when they thought ok we have lost her and the physical damaged I suffered was so severe. Not only however did recover I began to heal very quickly, I started to see things that other people didn’t see, I started to see the Auras around other people, plants and animals, I began to hear things that other people didn’t hear I could hear the sound of the grass and the leaves and the song of the flowers everything has a sound and everything has light. When I tried to tell people about they said it was the residue of the medicine, so of course like so many others I just stopped talking about it for many years.
During this time tho I had an awakening a part of me remembered. I think everyone has this place inside of them, it may just be a ember, sometimes it is just covered over in ash, and in those few moments beyond deaths door the warm winds of heaven (for want of a better word for that place) blew the ash and that flame became a flame of remembering, I think everyone has this ember inside of them and each person has a longing, a longing for spirit, a longing for that place of pure and exquisite love, of pure and exquisite connection to things and all beings. I think that is what propels people on their spiritual path that yearning or that longing because there is a place that remembers.
For me I thought I was going to be a scientist my parents where scientist and siblings all followed along that career path, because the change was so powerful and so profound that I knew that I had to find out more about that place I wanted to get there, I knew that heaven was not up in the sky like people think, I knew that heaven was here. It’s a dimension just the same way that if you have a radio and tuned the dials you can tune into different shows; News, Jazz, Rock & Roll and country, it’s simply a matter of tuning the dial because all those radio shows are here, just the same there is a multitude of dimension coexisting here and one of those dimensions is that place that I went to.
 I just wanted to get back to this place, so I started researching and I heard about Zen Buddhism, were they talk about feeling one with all things, that’s is what I experienced when I was there, they talk about no time and that again was what I had experienced while there, I could not see the future and I could not remember the past, it was just being in the now and that’s what I wanted. So I moved in to a monastery for 2 &1/2 years, meditating up to 16hrs a day and try as I may I could not get back to that place, however it was a wonderful time in my life just to sit and be still and be in the present.
I also wanted to find out more about healing, I had lost so many organs and the Doctors were not very supportive, they just told me I was lucky to be alive and would not live very long anyway. So I began to spend time with old people in different cultures as they had the understanding that had been passed down from generation and generation about healing; of how to be in balance with your body and how to be balance in your life.  It was at this time that I heard of a very diminutive Japanese lady Hawayo Takata, who did hands on healing. She lived in Hawaii and when I finally meet her she was angry at me as she said I was late, I was meant to be there a year before hand to learn then then teach westerns Reiki.
I went on to train with many elders from all around the world, a Hawaii Kahuna, an Aboriginal Elder, who taught me “that being native is what’s in your heart not necessary what’s in your blood”. I spent time with the Zulu in African, understand the way that they looked at healing, I spent time with Native American tribes, the Maori’s in New Zealand all the time learning to understand their healing ways, the way the saw energy, learning that what I was seeing around people, plants and animals was normal to all of them to not see them is not normal.
I began to teach and work as a healer. I did all different types of healing modalities and was very successful.  It was during this time of my one on one healing work that many people would say to me “it’s gone, its gone” but every once in a while someone would tell me “it’s back” and I would think how can that be? I realise that often the difficulties we have in the present have to do with the beliefs we have about who we are and what we deserve these unresolved issues that often come from earlier childhood. So I then began to regress people back to their early childhood, it was an amazing experience, because the decision we make now as an adult so often come from the beliefs we adopted as a child, things that people told us about who we were, you know you say to a three year old “oh you are so clumsy you are always so clumsy”  that voice stays inside of us and we start to believe it and at that age they don’t have the filters to filter out what is true and what is not, so we accepted  and adopted what was told to us. It’s not a conscious belief, we can do all the affirmations we want but if you really want to see what you truly believe just look at your life as it is a manifestation or outer reflection of those inner beliefs, so many of them coming from early childhood.
The healing that came from these regressions was truly outstanding, but on very rare occasions someone would say “its back”, again I thought how can this be we went to the source? Then there was this spontaneous regression, I was working with a client and during the regression she is talking about being poisoned, I was thinking oh my god her parents or someone is poisoning her, then she started talking about her husband, yet she had never been married at this point I knew that I had taken her back to a past life, she had come to me because she had chronic ulcers and no matter what she did she was never able to heal them. In her past life she was poisoned because her husband’s enemies had forced her to drink poison and she felt so powerless; in this life she would continue to create circumstance where she felt powerless and during these times she would get the ulcerations in her stomach. So this was a reactivation of a past life event.
So I began to work with past life therapy, to take people back to the source, because when you get to the source of that condition or that symptom  you can heal it and heal it forever. Out of that came my reincarnation work and past life work.  Some people see this healing as a miracle, they can walk when they have not been able to, or they can now see, for me it’s not a miracle in my perspective it is simply going to that original source that original belief that got adopted that continues to manifest in someone’s life.
I also noticed that the way that the room was set up and the energy inside the healing room made a huge difference the experience that people received, it was from there that I began to study Feng Shui.  
All of this work came about from that experience when I was seventeen, it is what propelled me along and everything else has grown from it and fallen into place. Everything that I do keeps that connection alive and I am hopefully able to create that connection for other people as well.
Thank you so much Denise for sharing with us your amazing journey, one that is sure to continue to evolve and enlighten many other people along the way.
When I sat down to speak with Denise I thought I would need more than one question, I was wrong, Denise story is one that captivates right from the beginning, she is a lady who works with true passion a testament to her four decades, healing and teaching in the spiritual community.
Denise will be appearing for Hay House Australia in July and August this year, were she will do a live past life regression with all those in attendance. You can find out more about her past life work in her book “Past lives, Present Miracles”. She is currently working with her daughter Meadow and on Sacred Cookbook, where they are talking about the energy of food and honouring the whole journey of food. Were when you harvest the food, if love and joy has been put into the care of that food and in the cooking, then you are harvesting love and eating love. For anyone looking to be fully nourished by the food that they eat, by were they eat, and being truly thankful for all of it, then this will be the book for them. You can find out more about Denise and her daughter Meadow at http://www.deniselinn.com/index.htm.

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