Monday, March 21, 2011

Slow down, stand still......its time for thanks

WOW the year is flying by, April will soon be upon us...... Seems that we can easily get caught up in life's hectic pace and not stop to take the time to think and rest. I know this first part of this year has seemed to rush past me at times and thankfully spirit has always given me a little nudge to tell me to slow down.

Slowing down and standing still is one of greatest tools we have, yet few in today's world seem to master it. When we stand still we allow ourselves the time to truly see what is going on around us, we see a new way forward, removing barriers in our life. We allow ourselves the ability to reassess those issue we have placed to the side, or neatly tucked away hidden out of view. Standing still allows for you to see opportunities were once you saw none. It allows you to clear your mind and allow for creativity. Standing still allows us to experience life, we all need to allow our minds a time of rest, our body's a time of rejuvenation. 

Most importantly slowing down and standing still allows you the time to give thanks for all that you have achieved, for all that has been set in motion, for the blessings in your life that you have. How often do you truly give thanks for the life that you lead, even for the small blessings? Far to often we moan and complain and forget to see the greatness that is all around us, our vision becomes clouded. 

Today I challenge you to stop, sit, listen, feel and see the greatness that is in your life. Give thanks for who you are, give thanks for who you have in your life, give thanks for just the smallest of things. When we do this we say to the universe we are ready to receive, we are ready to cherish and experience life and not just run through it with blinkers on. Be open to seeing life in a different way, allowing for the barriers of the fast pace life to be removed so that you have the time to clearly see where it is you wish to go.

Slow down and see how beautiful life can become.


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  1. Wise words Rita! I remember hearing Jason McDonald talk once at MBS about how he lived by the seasons. Doesn't winter just beg you to slow down (go back to bed with a good book) and take time to reflect? We definitely need to detach from what's going on around us and just be still. Otherwise we don't absorb all we have been gathering - thanks for the insights.