Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My world is constantly amazing me

How many of us sit down and truly feel that the world is an amazing place for us to be, how many of us take the time of day to really connect with the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us?

Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing transformation in people happen right before my eyes, I have witnessed the healing take place that has lifted weights that they have carried for years. I see the beauty in the tear as it rolls down the check of a client when they know that they have connected with the loved one that they needed to hear from. They have their prayers answered and they heal, they smile, they laugh, they cry with joy. 

I know people who love life they seem to always on a high with this life, they see there is beauty all around and they walk with love in their hearts, they have no judgement and they do the best that they can do in this life, it doesn’t make them saints it makes them happy.

Yet I also have come across so many who walk around telling me how hard life is, how they have been dealt a tough blow, nothing every goes right for me, things will never change. They have so much fear; they resent others who they believe have it easy, there is no smile for these people and no beauty in this world. No matter what you say to these people they have a negative answer prepared to take away the positive.

It leaves me to question why, why is that some of us are prepared to allow beauty, love, healing and forgiveness into our lives and then some just sit in judgement, fear and resentment.

So what is the answer, what holds them there?  I believe it’s all a matter of resistance, those who hear only the sad and the negative resist the chance for change and growth, they choose not to be happy, while those that allow for the healing and allow themselves to smile have let go of resisting. Please note its not to say that those who have let go and allow for change don’t have bad days, of course they have bad days they just deal with it in a more effective way and are prepared to move forward taking what learning they need from it. 

So how do we remove the resistance… simply you need to want to change, the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink is very true here, no good pretending to want to change just for the sake of others. If the desire to change is great enough even the most hard core negative person can change, when desire overrides fear we move forward. It’s a choice and you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad it is simply a choice when it all boils down to it.
But if we have been programming our mind for so long that it’s all BAD how do we make this simply choice? Every part of our conscious will fit against after all that’s what we believe life is bad or hard, not happy and wonderful. We need to reprogram the way we think.  

So here are some thoughts to throw out of your mind and thoughts to replace them with 

·         I don’t deserve to be happy  - changes to - Happiness is my gift to myself
·         I am not good enough  - changes to -  I accept me and love me I am happy
·         I must earn the right to be happy – changes to – My happiness is the gift I share with the world

I would like to challenge you to walk with gratitude in your heart as well, when we are grateful for the beauty that is this life we cannot help but smile. Look around you, see the beauty in Mother Nature, watch the sunrise and set, take joy in the changing of our seasons. Allow your senses to take all this beauty in.

So here is my challenge to everyone out there, stop! Stop right now in your tracks and think of just one thing that brings a smile to your face, one thing that you are grateful for. Allow that smile to spread to you heart and fill it with love. Allow that love to flow through your body and allow it to remove fear, judgement, and resentment, fill your body with love. 

Practice this each day, keep a track of how you are going, write a journal, see how your mood changes when you fill your body with love, when you replace old limiting beliefs with ones that allow you to grow. 

Expand your list daily to include more and more things that you are grateful for and see how quickly it is for you to turn around negativity and move to a wonderful new life. You will find that you are able to deal with life’s little blows so much easier; some of our greatest hurts provide the most inspiring learning it we can move beyond what we perceive as the negative aspect of it. 

Smile each and every day, walk with that smile, its infections, once caught it gets passed to others spreading happiness.

This world, this life constantly amazes me, I see it every day, the people I meet, the songs I hear, the story’s I read. I see the blessing of my family and friends and those I am yet to meet who will change and inspire my life as one of the greatest beauties there is. I see the joy that life has to offer and each and every one of us are entitled to the gift of happiness.

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